Monday, July 3, 2017

Human First

Its not HINDUS, Sikhs or Christians or any other than to take act but Muslims.. 

I heard Every time there is a blast some name from this community and some of them i hear saying "Every Terrorist is not MUSLIM" , yes I agree and i also say "Every Terrorist is not a Muslim"

Islam is a Peaceful religion. there is no minute doubt in it . 

When its all about feel & follow factor then why cant we feel even when you roam around the lanes  and Whatever the few or max percentage of Terrorists belong to Muslims misleading Islam and Spoiling Islam Community.. 

Because of this So called their own house got dirty.. 

So its time to decide for themselves weather to clean it keep it.. 
I have my best of friends from childhood to professional carer.. but its so awkward situation raises to discuss such topics cause we have been sharing love not religion.. 

the feel like there is many more good things to do & We are just getting back to Where we started.. 

We are HUMANS first then Nothing. 



Priyamvadda Sawannt said...

Yes everytime there is a blast we only hear its a muslim behind it..its necessary to welcome each religion..but its their responsibility to respect n be thankful to d people of that country also..Parsis r a great example..they r really like sugar in milk.. But instead if u r going to harm d people of that nation.. N conquer them by the ever rising population its not fair..(example Iran) y we dont hv problems with Parsis? Its filled with beautiful minded people..& we all love & respect them..i think thats d way one should be! If india mein reh ke if u r saying Pakistan Zindabad then tumhari khair nahi.if u r an Indian Be an Indian.
Aur Bolo Bharat Mata ki Jai !!!

Suresh Kumar Kurapaty said...

Bharat Mata ki Jai