Friday, November 17, 2017

I Walked a Million Miles

When I started my Walk it Was my Wish.. & I see my Wishes Did not exist.I Wondered first Where I belong, When I saw there was no Path

Few Welcomed & Few stated me out
I Went on Looking for Where I need to reach ..
I didn’t care for the path but I could see What is my Aim.

I took many turns & curves whichever I got on my way,

The first one may be a mistake or the second one may be right was my hope,
But every mile I walked taught me something which made me walk some more .
It was never tiring or boring cause all I could see is the end of the Mile
Which was not ending that easy..
Everyday a new thought is what excited me about what I did,

Every night whole day glimpsed in my eyes , which made me sleepless
Sometime speechless, so I took to seas & beaches
To feel small and felt the hurdles slow down on sea shore noise.
I reminded myself to walk again in the morning what I told myself every night..

On my Way I thought I Wont see what is gone behind..
But curiosity made me to look back with fear what if I see my mistakes…

I wasn't surprised I came a long Way but what surprised me is the WayI walked became a path
Which is a Wonderful Journey for me & I Was glad I made my own Path
for me & for some more..I have a smile today when I think of all through I Walked those Million Miles..



Monday, July 3, 2017

Human First

Its not HINDUS, Sikhs or Christians or any other than to take act but Muslims.. 

I heard Every time there is a blast some name from this community and some of them i hear saying "Every Terrorist is not MUSLIM" , yes I agree and i also say "Every Terrorist is not a Muslim"

Islam is a Peaceful religion. there is no minute doubt in it . 

When its all about feel & follow factor then why cant we feel even when you roam around the lanes  and Whatever the few or max percentage of Terrorists belong to Muslims misleading Islam and Spoiling Islam Community.. 

Because of this So called their own house got dirty.. 

So its time to decide for themselves weather to clean it keep it.. 
I have my best of friends from childhood to professional carer.. but its so awkward situation raises to discuss such topics cause we have been sharing love not religion.. 

the feel like there is many more good things to do & We are just getting back to Where we started.. 

We are HUMANS first then Nothing. 


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Once I lived was

Once i Lived was when I Loved
There was life which made me Live
Every bit I cherish today too
Every night passes with you
Love is beautiful I feel
Only when Me around you
Let me feel rest of my life
With a feel u r all Of it
Be the reason of my smile
I love to smile when I see you smiling