Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Being Yourself is EASY

It's Been Very long I wrote something..

I use to write a Lot..
Writing is mostly talking to myself..
So that says i haven't spoken to myself from Long..

Where was I? What i was busy With?
Work? What i have achieved being busy with Work from Long.

in the End, What i see is I have grown, grown Old, grown Old with little white beard..
but i haven't spoken to myself from Long..

By the time i reach to write or talk to myself, i had to run somewhere for something
which haven't for Myself..
Still I have gone to find what's there for ME..

to find what's for me i lost Myself in to finding ME from Others..
this says I haven't spoken to myself from Long..

When i'm back to writing .. I feel i'm myself and back to my Own..
i feel my world. The World Where i belong to. the World where i EXIST.

there is everything available on this Earth today except We being available for ourselves.
Time never comes Back Even if you wanna travel backwards...
Every Possible thing is not possible to do
Better is to make your time Being Yourself by doing What makes you feel Yourself.