Saturday, September 7, 2013


the fights we have is apart.. but a moment without seeing you makes my life hell. 
Don't know what bonding god gave me with you .. 

i see all my life with you.. 
we cry, we fight.. we try and we get tight again.. 
this makes everyday new to me .. god i love u n U to Me.. 

Perhaps have seen the world i say you are different.. we prove it everyday how much we love each other.. 

may be.. may be .. . 

this is what we are different from the world what they show as different.. 
this is not a rhyming poem either.. 

not that i don't know how to say .. 
but when i write it swings like fly in da air where i forget the earth.. 

all is made by you.. i made for you..                           

        and you are MINE..