Saturday, September 7, 2013


the fights we have is apart.. but a moment without seeing you makes my life hell. 
Don't know what bonding god gave me with you .. 

i see all my life with you.. 
we cry, we fight.. we try and we get tight again.. 
this makes everyday new to me .. god i love u n U to Me.. 

Perhaps have seen the world i say you are different.. we prove it everyday how much we love each other.. 

may be.. may be .. . 

this is what we are different from the world what they show as different.. 
this is not a rhyming poem either.. 

not that i don't know how to say .. 
but when i write it swings like fly in da air where i forget the earth.. 

all is made by you.. i made for you..                           

        and you are MINE..    


Monday, May 6, 2013

I Lived Once...

Even i want to live n live like Nobody lived until 
i met you.. 
i met you while i was living the way i want to .. 
When i want to is what you were in my thoughts .. 
my thoughts went through you..... 

Feeling you in real even when you not around.. may be its my imaginary.. or my dream but when i open my eyes
its all real.. you even know what i wish n want in 

a Woman's heart has different instructions.. Hard to believe but those are So visible When She says through her Eyes and in her Smile.. 

I wanna start a Date in day light Evening .. may b a drink ..
Dine where u can see da dark sky n stars..  Eat some spicy food . May be hit the floor where i Could 
hold you and dance closely .. till i drip off in your arms n forget that i Lived once... :)  

Some day when the pages of my Life End.. I knew you will be one of its best chapter and if ever i get chance to read it again... 
i will open from the page where I met You. 

There will be a Day.. the Day will come 
Where I see back of my life . 
and i see You.. 
and Will thank you .. 
for Everything you made me Feel .. 
and you made me feel that I Lived Once.. 


Monday, February 25, 2013

One Can Only Be ONE...: Let Me

One Can Only Be ONE...: Let Me: Let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain,  Let me HUG you in Freezing Breeze,  Wanna Share everything under the sun in Summer,...

Friday, January 25, 2013

Let Me

Let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain, 
Let me HUG you in Freezing Breeze, 
Wanna Share everything under the sun in Summer, 
but i know all season put together will be less for us to spend

Where I knew you would come with open Arms
but in wait i walked too long.....keeping my eyes open. 
Seasons passed, years passed there is always a Fine Day Which was Coming on my way..
i was living till you met me and your soul made me to live why i'm living.. 

Let me Kiss that road you came through
Let me hold that moment When i saw you 
Let that  breath hug me forever 
Cause its All YOU!!!