Friday, May 18, 2012

Who dare Do Whatever, It happens if it is Meant to Be…

"When Everything is written Who dare Do Whatever, it happens if it is Meant to BE".

All Happens for GOOD is What we keep on hearing , that’s on a Positive note, but it all again  comes to
 ‘Who dare Do Whatever it happen If it is Meant to Be’….
Somethings You wanted, Somethings HE Wants ..  & Few Happens which had to but Did not …

Everyone at least once  in his lifetime wants to change his or her  Destiny, 
At least Once he wants to live the other way …
Hope it can be like the other way..  

This sounds kind of Negative but I say it’s the  other side of Positive
It  may not be UNtruth but is the be other side of TRUTH.

When you try and fight to win & you Win ,  deep down  you know you will WIN
At times you don’t even try or fight  and you Win, even then  know somewhere you will WIN..
& Sometime how much ever you want and know ,you might give up or let it go .
Nothing matters, nothing to lose that is more than Winning or Anything.. It’s just above everything…
That’s when you actually know yourself…
But this everything is not just what you want again .. its again
‘Who dare Do Whatever it happens If it is Meant to Be…’

Few take it as Gift.. Few take it as Curse..
Few Worship, Few Cherish…
Few might Hate, few  might feel that’s End of Everything.
Loose hopes and Faith in God.. Everything.
Cause it had to happen..
‘ Who dare Do Whatever it happens If it is Meant to Be…’

The other side of Me, you … or Any..
One question always comes to us …What is ME? Why am I here? What am I going to BE?

The beauty of this Gift or  Curse is You might get all the answers …
Must sound strange … trust it was same with me like how it is for  you now..
But When God Comes in, Magic Happens.. & When He Sends for you  its More Beautiful..
The reasons to Live.. The Purpose of Life.. & a Beautiful Tomorrow..

P.S : All the Content is completely imagined J Only people can understand who actually can dare imagine