Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I EXIST Cause You Imagine I DO

I always Believed “DREAMS” can be “TRUE” always in LIFE,  and it can’t be Just DREAM When you Visualize..

I saw it, I imagined and thought about it.. and it came as REALITY!!

Want to understand whether to be happy as DREAM turns TRUE or think
this DREAM made me think??

When a Person is  living with a DREAM, there are loads of emotions & energy  involved & it’s like living but not within the World till the DREAM becomes TRUE.

When you are not reciprocating.. it’s your ANGER,
When  you are not receiving..  it’s your SADNESS,
When you are afraid of losing..  its FEAR, Perhaps you aren’t giving Enough or taking too much its GUILT
& WHEN  you are having and don’t have.. it's HURT….

Everything turned when DREAM happen to be REAL, When it’s REAL then
there is no scope for Imaginations .. neither DREAMS."IT'S REAL"

All I can see is What comes on my mind and that makes me to do things,

What I was thinking What had happened,  I always thought it’s My DREAM and my thoughts but I was So wrong..

It was My DREAM Which is making ME see all in REAL n TRUE.

You made it So clear .. So Simple.. it’s You Who Imagined .. So I am THERE.

I Exist Cause You Imagine I DO….