Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Excuse ME & PLEASE

For Everything and Anything you depend on a Person whom you TRUST but There is always a doubt Whether the Purpose of Depending will HAPPEN or NOT.

Cause We Hear this Excuse ME with PLEASE which You always  have to take it with no excuse…. :-)

In my Dictionary I deleted the Word called "EXCUSE"-now this is something which I never wondered about.
There were situations in my life where I was helpless and so wanted to shout out to the world and say “I CAN’T” but then there was none to hear me, in fact none around me … an excuse was far off…
Option But No Option I had to Go on and Get Everything Which I could or Could NOT.
This made me believe in :

FAILURE gives a chance to EXCUSE, Wherein No Excuse Waits for any FAILURE.

Reading Books  and sticking to the theory, waiting for THINGS to happen without putting any efforts, believing in GOD and Miracles without Believing in SELF, blaming others rather taking Ownership of damage.. A regular Process of EXCUSES.. .these are just a few to mention from anyone’s life…
 Many more examples have been seen in many Forwarded mails but still it is just a forward. Seen, read and forgotten… with an excuse of saying who has time for these … never given a thought..
Days come one on another and time flies.. but the fight has always been for survival but never ever for creating an Self-identity, identity for yourself for the world to know YOU
The use of the words EXCUSE ME with PLEASE can only give a chance for others but will never help you, if you can’t do it there are hell a lot of people sitting ready and waiting to prove themselves all ready to do it….
I see Only One thing out of EXCUSE, the WORST day of your FUTURE, you may not have any around you to Hear YOU!

TO put it in Short, Better not Wait for that day When Today is With you..
 Future is always uncertain, but WHEN you DO WELL in TODAY without ANY Excuse FUTURE will SET on its OWN.

BE The ONE Whom everyone will look upon  and this can Only be Possible with NO EXCUSEs, Please its NOT My ANSWER but BELIEVE in yourself and that with you everything is possible, everything Which you  think u can and which u think u CANT.

BELIEVE IN SELF and GIVE NO EXCUSE, life will definitely PLEASE you!