Monday, November 2, 2009


Being negative is easy.

There will always be a downside to everything good, a hurdle to everything desirable, a con to every pro.

Most of the times what I felt was fear,To do something, to reach somebody or may be to say something.

Firstly I tried to escape, could not work, it was bouncing back on me,

Sometimes I felt like avoid it, though If I ignore… it may leave me and feel fresh,

It never happened, though.The real courage is in finding the good in what you have,

Trust all have, but situation, place, people hold yourself the opportunities in every hurdle, the pro in every con.

Next there were only unavoidable state of affairs, what left was to ACT on it.

The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is just stubbornness. What I see your fears like paper tigers outcome is you can do anything you decide to do.

You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure, the process is its own reward.

A belief: Every problem comes with the solution, In top of worst times its only we should act what we can.

Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willingness to do is not enough; we MUST ACT.

The best time to “ACT” is when you are on peak of your fear.




Sophia F said...

Damn good blog ya..

Every problem comes with the solution- loved this line!
Also the the way the blog has been ended is awesome.

But again Sirji neither do people wanna change nor do they wanna act!!

Kp writing ;)

Rupam said...

my ruling ling line also remains nothing should be left unsaid as tomorrow never comes

Rajesh said...

I agree with your new post "ACT" on the BLOG; I have read the others they are also good; Hope that someday this will sum-up as book published by you and read my many;
"ACT will land you somewhere atleast if not exact to your expectation but near to it but NO ACT will leave you nowhere and the exception to ACT or NO ACT is destiny for who believe in it and for rest of us it is only ACT that survives and lives in our own style;

Who believe in NO ACT can rest for their whole life like dead pieces on the chest board waiting for someone to move you somewhere as they cannot find themself i.e. "i do not where to go?" situation.

One way of saying about ACT is its passive expression of what i cannot do but want others to do it(INSPIRATION)

Shilpa said...

yes, its always important to face it upfront....Escaping is never a way out.. the more we try to escape the more it haunts us all the time..

Satish said...

Damm GOOD Kakes.
But acting on it is very important

Eshwar said...

Just make a decision from the center of your heart that, no matter what happens to you, you will keep walking the authentic path. Doing so will ensure you a life of real success.

Awesome post KK. Very soon SKK book will be released in the market.

Mausumi said...

'We shud act when we are at the peak of our Fear'-WAZ SUPER..The fear is bcos of the utterly self -controlled,masterful Tyrant whom we harbour in us.It Robs us of our Human Aliveness..scares us to hurt or get hurt,make or break promises,laugh or cry openly.Lets give up on trying to be sumone else..

sarat said...

I have been following KK's blog from quite some time. Most of his writings are like self analysis tool that shows where we are going wrong and reminds the right way to counter it.

The post on ACT gives the punch line to face the challenges.

Kudos KK, keep up the good writing.

Rajesh said...

Good thought. Be +ve in your mind and not body(HIV +ve).

Mausumi said...

The Catch of your Entire Say has been “ACT when you are on the Peak of your Fears…Superbly Captured.It is said that the Candle Rekindles the Most just before it Extinguishes.What I have learnt in My Uneventful Life Span is To Do and Go then to wait for the Right Time to Happen.It is Right when you think it is and TO Act in The Living Present is what Remains, Rest is all Unfruitful Deliberations of what ‘Ought to Be and what Ought Not’.Cos when You Desire the Most, you Fear The Most, that is the Right and the Best. Thats when your Adrenalins all pumped up and you are on your Creative High.

Past is what You Had, its By Gone…Future You Might Have or You Might Not,its A Risk… But Present is what you very much Have,All to Yourself…So ACT ACT In The living Present ,Make the Best use of it and keep no Regrets for Tomorrow…..For Tomorrow Never Comes and if it Does You never know whats in Store….A few Known Faces, Pictures On the Wall, Old Albums ,Memories some Good some Bad….But Trust me, No Desires,No Hurdles, No Fear Of The Unknown…..Its All Over By Then Or May Be A new Beginning from Square one …You never know…SO JUST ACT,As you Rightly Said…

manjushaa said...

cool stuff dear , i wish we all could apply it to real life !

Dolly said...

can i have the copyrights of all your blogs??????

Sanchit said...

quite impressive :)

sarat said...

KK When is your new column coming out.

sarat said...
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Entreprenur by chance said...

Very true . COMMAND is what we need to have rest everything falls in place. Let me find it for myself

kangkan said...

Much like wid uncluttered mind. If the ball is there to be hit dan hit it...

Avnish Kuamr Singh said...

Excellent ..good to see you so active in blogging..will learn a lot from you :)