Monday, October 5, 2009

Nothing should be left Unsaid!!!

As I Said it Why Did I??

If I don’t say never mind, What if something goes wrong..

Better I Don’t’ say it..

There is no time right or wrong.

Whoever thinks that ways waits for things to happen.

Each word you say will make a change from that moment . Few things should be left Unsaid,

They would be waiting for an outcome in some or the other--

You make people say YES or NO with what you say, but if you actually don’t say and expect the other person to understand, I don’t expect him/her to be the Astrologer at all times.

Are you expecting Guesses?? You may disappointed but irrespective of anything and everything What you need to say Just say it...

There is way of saying everything...Trust Everyone has something which we want to say to someone which we always keep it to ourselves,

Don’t think what have I done and whether it’s guessing right or to trust or not. Just go along., You know it’s just perfect cause you have done it all knowingly though rest all follows.

"The fear of saying in life scares you but believe me it may takes away your life If you don’t Say"




kajol said...

Made us wait 4 so long bt, Finallyyy, Again Gr8t Blog Wid V Intresting Topic frm A Gr8t Writter .....ur blogs really mkes ppl speechless...lots 2 say bt wid lesiure ws nt able to stp so here i'm wid few lines 'll surely update my,
" Nuthink Shld b Left Unsaid.." rite Skk

Live Life!!!! said...
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Maniah said...

Korrect...we kive once n we should nevr let people around us hav a false image of ourselves...sayin makes thingz easier for d other person to understand as u rightly said we dont expect him/her to be an astrologer..Well few thingz can be left as a secret, such as thngz dat vl hurt others or something of such kind...few people take time to speak their heart out may be coz dey require to gather guts but still never do so...Say as much as u can before d life ends.

Heena said...

Nice blog KK... "Nothing should be left unsaid". I liked it and truly believe in your words too. Expressing is always good so don't wait for others to come and express... TC

Muddassir said...

This is real good one for those not happy with what is there in their life or the work there are doing. I agree to your point suresh that life is not a cake walk... good learning

सारा सच said...

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