Saturday, April 4, 2009


Life is never a bed of roses, nor a cake walk,,
Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance.
Life again is nothing if not challenging, tough and SATISFIED..
Don’t blame somebody for your sorrows in your life, I don’t understand why people look in others for happiness ? When the best place to find it is in oneself.
I always believe that you should know what you want in life and if you don’t know then your life goes for a big time toss...
I come across many people who wish for all the luxuries in life but are not willing to slog or work had to acquire those luxuries...
Another thing that strongly surprises me is that everybody want to be a good human being , good in soul, heart and mind, so they’ll do all the good things to get in good books of others.
My funda as long as you think your good, your good, there’s no need to prove it, especially to others.

Now again who doesn’t commit sins. Everyone does… does that mean such people are bad...
Correct me if I m wrong.. What is worth becoming a saint or a person of worth?
Somebody said to me.. it is not how much you DO??? But it’s how much you love to DO!!!

Whatever comes to you as new accept's for your own good.. Whatever you lose, leave it.. it's for your better.....
Do not crib and don’t run for something that’s not worth it...Instead try to do something that’s worth..
Everyone comes for a reason or to give a message on this earth.. Do not just think and think about your own self and think. It may be Religion, Family. Career, friendship or anything.. You may be the reason for some miracle. Be selfless and not selfish.

Success is the only thing that’s important today. It’s more important than that.. a Person’s Image... Integrity.. Icon.. Individuality... It’s all starts with “I” not “U”..

It's not enough to be in the right place at the right time. You have to be the right person in the right place at the right time.

In short don’t go the way Life take you instead take Life the way you wana go.

Do not just be selfish seeing things at yourself, be useful for ten, those ten can give you the worth of your LIFE..



susheel01555 said...

Yes Suresh... You are correct.
People want to accept only success but not failure, but why can't they realize that with out failure you will not get success.

Sophia F said...

:):) Don't let life lead you!
Interesting blog.

U right,you don't have to be in anyone's books....good or bad.As long as you think and know you're're good.
I dislike people who crib all the time....wonder if they don't have better things to do.
Talking about happiness...The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet...and this we often realise late perhaps after we've been foolish.

And last but not the least it good to be selfless and not selfish.
Oops I forgot about's just a matter of luck....nothing else!!!! :)

Action Kumar said...

Hey KK...

This article about "Don't let life lead you" is awesome.
Life is a blend of success and failure, the only thing is how we react and overcome.
Many more to come from you KK....

kajol said...

Interesting, can write pages over pages..
bt thn, need to leave sum space for others too...;-)
Jokes apart,
I can nt write beautifully as u do..

Sahi bola, No one accepts !!!!

Life never gives d choice ..itz vice versa ..
need to choose [accept] if refused to do so..der just pain.. sorrow..
i'm saying, bt at times little tough to accept...tkes little time 2 do so..

Undoubtly , the fact s,
there s life within whn lived life for others[someone],gives more happiness.. more meaning to our life

Gr8t said be selfless & nt selfish

Ys y to b n gud list to prove,tht u gud...u knw u r tht makes mre sense thn anythink...& ys who does nt commit sins...dis does nt mke thm bad..


Life s a cycle , the depth of it learnt frm one of my v good close frnd...
My frnd belief s, tht purpose of life s to "Be Happy",..
Live happy.. mke others happy
Life s an Illusion,fiction..
Full of Dreams.. mke thm into reality...
Dreams are true till thy v do nt live n dreams
kehate hai Sapne dekho ..Par use pura karne ghee himmat/takat bhi rekho..
gr8t belief of my frnd...
trying to follow d footsteps..

Wld end by saying that:-
"Life s Love, Frndship....
Without it Life s meaningless..
wat say Frdz
correct me if wrng

deep said...

U are right but the thing is we need to practise severly instead to read and forgetting about it.
As u said happiness is not about finding from depends only from us. so no expectation and no worries.

Maaniah said...

Tru. Life should be lived in the way we want..


manjushaa said...

well suresh good idea but aren't we all measured by success we achieve in life and once you get it no one ask how you have achieved it....

so one should aspire to do what h eor she wants to do and be happy with what you get as life is desined by the God above us not by one should be happy in all ways in life..isn't it.......!!!

SKK said...

We definitely measure on our success but it's totally as in INDIVIDUAL.. my meaning in this blog is What to be thinking of our own or be worth for ten?? It's not just our success here, think once you have everything Will be CONTENT?? there it comes..

Anonymous said...

Well Compliment for a good write up firstly. Second is that you talk of being selfless in the blog and not self fish. I would like to have a thought on this please explain in detail.

Ok let me help you with eg.
A)Helping a person monetarily is good as you can give away what you have and what is access. Right ?
B)Loving the homeless the less fortunate people is about giving your love that you have again which is an access (Basically empathizing and sympathizing). Right ?
C)Supporting ones who need in times of distress and in time of trouble they look up to you for it. Comfortable again you have the capacity and strength. You have you give. Right?

Now tell me a man and women share all these feelings is fine BUT what if they want from each other that they can not give to each other. The intimate private part of each other that belongs to them but not allowed to spend it on for others. They do have it but can not give it. Right ?
I am a women and have seen your blogs for sometime now. So i am seeking help asking you to tell me that would it be selfish on my part to give away my private life to someone else other than whom i owe it to. would it be selfish? Or would it be selfless if i shared it with the one who want me to share it with him/her? would it be Right Or Wrong?
If right then I would be loving two people and having a relation with both of them. Doing justice by saying that i want it that way. so hey i am selfless and who care if its good or morally correct or not. TELL ME ?
Being selfless by being intimate as no one will know but my my conscious?
Or being selfish where i am loyal to the one i am with and it ends there?
Gyan Guru TELL ME?

kajol said...

Perfect Pic for an amzing Blog gr8t Ging God Bless U