Friday, March 13, 2009

If you IMAGINE!!!

Perceptions are stronger than the realities.
and who stops doing that no one stops perceiving.
Limitations are only alive in our minds but
when we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.
One’s imaginations are solid facts of our society today...

There are many things which we want, think but give up cause of lack confidence on our own imaginations, cause they are imaginations..
Everything you imagine can be real and you can achieve that in life
The power in you makes you imagine.

if you could discover and use it. It would fulfill your imagination.

Somebody dared to thinking of flying on a saucer and now we have it....
Landing on the Moon seemed like a childhood story but it's real you can land on it now..

Imagination will help you positively.
Here all you need is "positive power of positive thinking"
Key drawback of unfulfilled imagination is Negative Imagination,

This will only drain your energy and lower your confidence..

Failure Gives Excuses, Cowards like to be content.
Live the life you imagined, one fine day you shouldn’t curse god saying, "God how did i waste my life?”
I have imagined.. Trust me.. Imaginations do turn into realities
you don't believe???? Then try for yourself .. just don’t stop it with one thought..Move on..

Think Positive & you’ll get what you want!