Friday, January 16, 2009


What so ever, how much you ever you want to,
Happens only those which has to.....
If this has to, Why to think???
For everything we do, we think twice and thrice and end up doing something else..

I say otherwise.. Whatever happens it happens for a reason in life....
But we feel like why all this with me?? Why only me???
We curse, keep in mind, think on it…and on and on..
But we never try to come out of it and do something better things what we deserve to be..
Those can fill peace in our lives..
Of course, anger can always be justified. But then, so can forgiveness.
It`s all depends on how much more you want from the journey
We forget that forgiveness is greater than revenge.
People make mistakes. We are allowed to make mistakes. But the actions we take while in a anger will trouble us forever.
The Best way to live life Happy is “Live in the moment”,
Somebody told me if you trust someone trust blindly, if they fail to keep your trust it’s their loss.. so great..
Yes it hurts for sure.. But trust me forgiving somebody will give you peace..
and Lastly Forgiving is not for others it is definitely for ourselves to feel better and move on..
Hope you agree...




Sophia F said...

Oh man what a blog!!Hats off to you Sirji!!!

Loved the blog especially the last line “FORGIVE BUT DON’T FORGET THAT YOU HAVE FORGIVEN AND WHAT FOR”..........Just too good....

Firstly forgiving someone is not easy; be it an enemy or be it someone who has hurt you immensely.

But eventually you'll realise that it's much easier forgiving others than forgiving yourself for having made the wrong choices, wrong decisions or having trusted the wrong people in life.

Nevertheless life moves on and yes if u wana be happy u need to learn to forgive and forget !!!!


kajol said...

Oh! Man what a blog! u rite sophi hats of to him
B4 ritting a comment on it ur blog..infact ur blogs made me ask ,sorry little personal bt,btw


Cuming bck ys ,"Happens only those which has to,thn y to think?
Oh dear u made Speechless nt able to express my feeling(veiw)
i aggree to u ,whatever happens happens for reason, thn y curse?? y ? ourself y with me only?bt thn think of the person who's really facing..
aur ha forgiving sum1 s nt tht easy, par ha, nt difficult too
To make it easy simple,few steps hahaha... jokes apart,
On serious note, just place urself in there place instead of compromise/sacfrice(let go).. infact, u'll undersatnd thm well & will forgive.. nt only thm bt even to urself
U said,if "Turst SUm1 thn Trust thm Blindly"& if thy fail to trust ur trust thn its there loss..
True, it hurts (My dear Suresh dil hai dardho ga dard hai tho dil bhi hoga..masuam ghuzarte rehate hai..sumthink like tht nice line frm sum song)
Ofcourse, even gt anger bt if used in rite way gt great results
sumwhere read "Anger S An Energy If Used In Rite Way/Direction The Outcomes r Great"
And i really belive in Forgiving Rather thn...
AS Forgiving has More Power thn anythink

& Ys I agree to ur every single word of ur blog

Lastly, Killing line of the blog which i really loved ,
"Forgive Bt Dn't Forget That U Have Forgiven & For What"

Hey in all this dn't 4get,let me knw Mr.Sureshkk's inspiration what say ;-)
btw ur blogs wake up(boost) ur frndz just the way u do
Keep it up & TC

Admin said...

The feelings shared by you touches our heart....

vinay said...

U said,if "Turst SUm1 thn Trust thm Blindly"& if thy fail to trust ur trust thn its there loss..

Forgive Bt Dn't Forget That U Have Forgiven & For What"

fidaah hoon apke ess line nope jo har kiske jeevan me hotha hai maagar jo samaj thae ki yeh mera jeevan me kyun aisa hotha hai,

Anonymous said...

If u really want to forgive, forgive whole heartedly otherwise theres no meaning in forgiving!!