Saturday, November 22, 2008


We hope & want something and happens landing up with something else..
I may say each of our individuals had to go through this in our lives, and be happy about it..
Sometimes if you think about all those you will have smirk back on your cheeks thinking of.. those were the days..

Otherwise “One person can make difference in my life” could not have arrived..
“Love”- if someone can define me in one line instead of giving me nice rosy lecture on it, I will be thankful to him..
I can say Love is “MEMORY” it may sound something weird but yes…
You will in love with those who had great time even though in your presence you do the same..

Correct me if I m wrong.. in case you are with your Love still you want those golden moments back in your life.. that’s MEMORY which we all love..

Who got their LOVE, they are the luckiest people on the earth, cause they tried their love and got it.,
Who fail to get those can be good philosophers, cause they tried it and failed..
And who does not want to get loved by somebody.. ??? I don’t think so …

What does it mean???? It may not be looking but yes trying for sure.. that’s the reason we all impress each other..
Take anything what you see, its trying to impresses you to pull and get trial..

Try, try, try, but never CRY..