Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The Aim behind writing this blog s not myself....
Somebody asked me to start.. So I started.. Thanks to you.... for All the support and giving me a Weapon to put most of my unmatched ideas and outlook on this blog as an initiative without disturbing any others feelings directly or indirectly..

The most difficult Part is the Other person to think alike or to get likeminded people..

What do you think??
ith these types of different ideology how you can put your things rightly??
and how can be effects and defects??

For everything we think we stop then and there itself..
but have we ever tried to put our own things or attempt without thinking
IFs & BUTs...

If you think you are right, It may be for sure for others it s wrong, it does not mean you are WRONG, but once you proved right, every NO will take back seated, and

When you attempt to do what's right against all odds, even if you don't at first succeed, there's dignity and even majesty in such Setbacks.

Just think What if our freedom fighters thought of their own lives in comfort levels,

Think We never had Netaji, Bhagatsinghs in our history,

and lastly think of technology, where we are..

I only See one thing if and only I create a SETBACK, this will remain an example for everybody

whether you succeed or not, but I ll have the pleasure of mind,

that I was not shut with my ideas....

For Everything the Universal truth s Possible, Only when you Attempt..

AGAIN.. If you differ with me .. Welcome..




Sophia F said...

I always think I'm always right :):)
Ab batao Sirji!!!

Thoughtful blog!
It's like this, you don't stop living with the fear of dying.
And you don't stop trying because you fear failure.

Difficulties and problems will always be there, its a part and parcel of life but what makes a man strong is how he gets through these setbacks!

Rough seas make good sailors & bad roads make good drivers!

Keep sailing no matter what.

pandey said...

every woRk is first time difficult and impossible..... however it is the person who makes it...finally...AND change NO to YES...

ankii said...

Dont immitate others u hav ur own style of thinking.if u want to reach a higher position or become a great person .some times u will face problems but dont loose ur concentration and dedication go on untill end whether it is fail or pass.

vinay said...

"if u know me very well about 100% then start knowing me from now onwards because things will change around me" keka anna HATSOFF

may be i met a matured and miracle person of my good times cheers up