Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The Aim behind writing this blog s not myself....
Somebody asked me to start.. So I started.. Thanks to you.... for All the support and giving me a Weapon to put most of my unmatched ideas and outlook on this blog as an initiative without disturbing any others feelings directly or indirectly..

The most difficult Part is the Other person to think alike or to get likeminded people..

What do you think??
ith these types of different ideology how you can put your things rightly??
and how can be effects and defects??

For everything we think we stop then and there itself..
but have we ever tried to put our own things or attempt without thinking
IFs & BUTs...

If you think you are right, It may be for sure for others it s wrong, it does not mean you are WRONG, but once you proved right, every NO will take back seated, and

When you attempt to do what's right against all odds, even if you don't at first succeed, there's dignity and even majesty in such Setbacks.

Just think What if our freedom fighters thought of their own lives in comfort levels,

Think We never had Netaji, Bhagatsinghs in our history,

and lastly think of technology, where we are..

I only See one thing if and only I create a SETBACK, this will remain an example for everybody

whether you succeed or not, but I ll have the pleasure of mind,

that I was not shut with my ideas....

For Everything the Universal truth s Possible, Only when you Attempt..

AGAIN.. If you differ with me .. Welcome..



Friday, October 10, 2008

Men & Women

Here 5 "C" Mantras, I would like to share my Understanding about Men & Women

1) Clever :-The most important thing in Life s Marriage.. and to take decision to get married s the most difficult part, cause you got to live your life with her/him.. I rate Women are far better than men in this.. Cause You see a lot of smart men with dumb wives, but a very less smart females with dumb husbands..

2) Change:- Change we Need in life. But entire world changed, but the difference of rights between Women & men s still there.. A man takes the lead out here at time to bring any changes... cause A woman changes the world but She ll never be able to change a Man, and She does change for a Man too..

Commitment:-Relationship runs on faith & commitments.. I see no reason to rate women high in commitments.. Cause two reasons.. as per my experience woman lives with commitments.. and male s political animal.....

4) Care :- A Child to become a granny ''care'' s in women s blood, She cares in many roles in all relationships, that s why may be anybody get hurts or in any need, we shout Mom not Dad..and a Woman can t hate anybody to the extent she returns her Diamonds back to him....
I see it s One sided for Women...

5) Capabilities:- As in this case when i say there s a woman behind every successful Man, and also woman s doing all what a man can do, though a man has to teach that woman.. So better teach them...

Last but not the least...God made his beautiful creation Woman...but only after creating His marvelous creation...MAN!!!