Thursday, September 25, 2008

Secret of SUCCESS

I bet on it..
I believe in it..
and I mean it..,

If i m the best,Why i m not successful??
Where i m the not recognized and awarded???
and Where do i exist??

It s all luck you say to being success all the times or my efforts..
My knowledge or my skills..... using it in a right way??
and am i with right attitude being the best candidate in the race
still SUCCESS being with the same distance which puts us always down
and loose the interest part..
you no need to have sleepless nights and thinking on the same ... What to do and what not???
if you think more you will confuse more..
and when you are confused.. yes as i said earlier your brand s refused..

One Mantra for All the SUCCESS which i have smelled and performed in my life s
CONSISTENCY whatever you Say Until than this you may be achieve many things
but success in what you want will be a want or a desire.
I, Myself personnelly believe in Every dream s thought Which you want to achieve..
then dare to dream and achieve it..

Ask yourself if you are a doctor and when your parents want you to be a doctor...
think their dreams have come true.
ask yourself if any of your own dream have come true and how you feel for it..
and then think...

What have actually helped in turn that dream in to reality..
it s loads of efforts.. with Hell lot of CONSISTENCY...

many of us we plan so many and we start working on it.. but we give up..
there we fail.. but think when you feel like giving up.. Hold for a moment and start from there..
Trust me.. You will have it..

See those things which you can t achieve...
But When you have the will and work on with right attitude and CONSISTENCY

then you can say... Nothing s IMPOSSIBLE..

Whether it s your dream or AIM...



Sophia F said...
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Sophia F said...

Success!!! Oh...yeah...I'm in love with it:)

I truly believe,"NOTHING FAILS LIKE SUCCESS". The day Success goes into your head that's the end of success and the starting point of failures.


And last but not the least, you don't get what you want but you get what you deserve!!!

Wishing you great success!!

Dolly said...

well...success is how you define it!!
its is how the bar is set to measure your success.
how do one measure his success??? comparing with what his one time colleagues have achieved???
how your childhood friends faring now???

for me success is how i set my aim...yes, you need to aim high...can one define this "high"? we always set this measure in comparision to what somebody already have set....

i am glad kk... you have set your own measure.... go for it dear!!