Saturday, September 6, 2008


First thing i want to Say one thing..
"One time it s better you not knowing something is comfortable than knowing it"..
Where you are happy with something, and your curiosity towards knowing which can spoil everything and at the end it can be End of everything..

Trust s the basic thing which takes all us for a better and long term proverb of our lives..
I m not responsible for any other what he/she s reacting... and Each person made of different blood,flesh,soul and mind.. So how can you think the other can think alike..
So better the way to the better Ignore..
Ignorance can work in two ways..

1. You are not getting in fight and arguing in prove yourself as right..
2. Not insulting the other person but YES,
dissenting for sure..

What all i say s
You don't need to get anyone else to agree with your truth. You just need to live it, there are again three types of people..

1. Who can understand
2. Who never stands..
3. Who knows everything but they've their mindset, though they never try to understand..

So Whenever you find the third category kind of ... Better you Ignore ... My Idea for Save energy..

A lot to do.. and a long way to GO,
There s no right time to do Wrong things..
Better Ignore What i mean.. You will have multiple time to add some good things in Life..

Do Good, If not .. Dont do BAD at least..

If this does not work.. i suggest pls ignore..



Sophia F said...

Oh God!!!

What a blog.

For the first time I agree with each and every word written in the blog.

There's so much to learn with each passing day and "Ignorance " is certainly one of the greatest learnings one can learn today and that's one key to happiness.

It's better to ignore rather than break your head.

Keep writing and keep smiling....Cheers!

Indira Rachakonda said...
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Indira Rachakonda said...
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Indira Rachakonda said...

Yeah am in dilemma about ignorance...what all u have written i think about to ignore the people and not about the ignorance....ignorance is that uneducated, unaware about the things...uneducated and unaware is must not be real bliss...yeah coming to the people its absolutely true about the third category we see in our lives, am not saying that we are perfect ...Great people discuss about the things and small minds about people...but if we better ignore the people of that kind it should be real bliss ...yeah true that lot to do and things to achieve...but we have to see the people of that kind... and lastly IGNOOOOOOOOORE............INDIRA

September 5, 2008 7:27 PM

Dolly said...
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Dolly said...

yeah...i think one should realise the value of 'ignorance'...but still...if one believes ignoring certain things can only bring happiness in their lives, then this so called ignorance is better than being aware of so many things...

that is... ignorance pays!!!

Good Blog SKK!! wee all of us waiting for the day when the book will be published...All the best and great going...

kajol said...

Mr. Suresh Kk, what 2 say abt ur blogs man...thy mke me speechless & mkes 2 think abt it so deeply..
saying abt "Ignorance A Real Bliss",dear ur dis blog "AAP KI PERSONALITY" ko Suit nahi karta ..& ha, made me think, actlly little surprised "Mr Suresh Kk" till i knw, never ignorance's anything ..he's a guy who like 2 face it all d CHALLENGE'S of his life...

Annewayz, tlking abt "Bliss" dear tht bliss (happiness) s just for a time being ,as sumwhere deep dwn in ur heart u knw tht u ignoring sumthink(may b topic or people...official or personal , whatever it may b) i wld suggest never ignore
& YA
Trust s d basic thing as u said, hmmm i aggree to it.. i wld like 2 addmit sumthing tht

"Value of relation s nt tht hw much 1 feels Happy with sum1 , bt
The Emptyness tht 1 feels without Sum1"
Aur ek baat Suresh as u said, u nt responsible 4 any1's reaction as person made of different blood,flesh,soul, my dear "kucch bonding jaisa bhi tho hota hai na.." thz
dn't u anytime came across such bond? hmmm it may b wid bro, sis, gf, wife... any1 it can b wid,
annewayz i hve cum accrossed ..even thogh ...
still hve Faith, Belief, Trust on my Dear 1,
& ys, wat i wish i"ll get 1 day..i'll gt ....thtz 4 i dn't ask 4 big u knw me
OOOPPssss!!!! went 2 different track..
At d end my comment i wld suggest ,
"Nt to Ignore,Bt work On it.. Believe Me ,Believe In ur Belief U'll gt wat u wish
& thn there won't b any
"Wrng Time To Do Wrng Things,just Time To Do Right Things"
what say HaHaHaHa

kajol said...

& ya Dolly s rite V'll waiting for the day whn the book will be published & ya ur dear 1's will b the 1st one 2 buy ...amng thm count me too..i'll b the one
All best
all my wishes
& ya still have to comment on other blogs.. bt as said ur blogs mke me think deeply it tkes time as me nt gud writer like u :)