Sunday, August 10, 2008


Self love s the first and last LOVE,
There s nothing called
Whatever happens in this life, Life has to move...
Yes, but Some came and few went it s only brings sorrows and happiness,
But nothing s permanent as such.... , ask yourself what made your life stuck???

Especially in relationships today s psychology s troubling with
INSECURITY... It s nothing but only stubbornness...
They don't understand or never try to understand the importance of life, if they know also they don't agree with the facts and figures...

Whoever believes in "Set your LOVE free" pls take my suggestion,
Never do that.. If you love somebody give maximum time to them,
Be with them, you never know they can need you anytime...

Out of the sight s out of the mind.. so stop being insecure...Be in touch .. now we have many ways to u all know..

and getting gel with somebody is a part, but to retaining the relationship happens only when you respect the differences in the other person, NOT JUST FINDING THE SIMILARITIES & ZODIAC SIGNS...:-)

If somebody has to go, they ll go, and anybody has to come and be with you, they ll come, it s only faith & trust which keeps on & on,
the boy flies from your hands never knows whether you ll catch him or not.. But the trust keeps his smile on his cheeks..

My advice s Be yourself, Do not hop on to hold but yes give yourself unconditionally..
trust me.. you will have everything if not, you will loose them also who has kept by GOD in your life...
and again.. Somebody s LOSS s Somebody s GAIN... and Miltha hai tho chappad paad ke..

Be happy, live in the moment.. Enjoy... Nothing can put you down on this earth..
Show problems how big problem you are...
in one word Be like ME.. ( it s only a positivity & confidence)




Sophia F said...

U should write a book!!!
I ain't kidding

My take on this one:
1) Nobody is indispensable.
2) If somebody wants to go let them go you'll get somebody better.
and lastly getting into a relationship and maintaining a good relationship requires immense guts.....its not everybody's cup of tea.


Esh said...

Well said KK
Its fact,People r busy with their professional life and can't justify to their personal life.
"The most luxurious thing u can give to your loved one is your time".

Lets people realize things by seeing your article....

Keep rocking KK.

SKK said...

thanks Geet.. I always take your comment as feedback.. and Enjoy too..

keep sending.. God bless you..


zodiac rings said...

Very well said...
So nice to see that somebody with some original thoughts on this subject. Really thank you for starting this up.

SKK said...

HI.. thanks zodiac rings ... hope u r doing fine..