Monday, September 1, 2008


We all see, hear & feel these DIFFERENCES on daily basis.. and Chill it s MUMBAI… who has time.. to think about it..

Same here.. With myself too.. Where I Today I was jotting down a few points in my blog book, I asked myself is it my perception or is it my or own experience..

Is it I m writing or trying to teaching.. (WOW) it s difference.. So commonly there are two things came in to my mind

which go on this entire universe s

1. It s everything how you perceive it and the


cause it s easy to say the other person s wrong but you ve no right to say that,

Nobody s perfect, neither a “Saint”.

Take our own family.. treatment between a Girl & Boy…, When we go to schools caste differences,,

Jobs you ve differences in reservations.. Everywhere Big, small, Black, whites, rich, poor..

I fail to understand why there are so many ……..

But the very important topic s here I m talking s on our daily routine.. take a family.. friends.. or it may be your love..

Every person made of different blood, flesh, soul and mind.. So differences are natural..

And whenever this gap in thought process with our own people we like to explain them and still it does not work, we always try to force on them

But have we never realize there were a kind of differences which are creating some kind of gaps when we force and rub our own things for own satisfaction

Of I m the One who s RIGHT… but you may be wrong..

It s all carries to an end of losing our own image trust me.. I ve seen people losing respect within the hardcore relations..

That s the most pathetic situation which anybody can expect.. What I can feel s if I m right I always say like a well-wisher..

There people who feels you are right they ll come to you for views and they respect you..

When you've with a pre mindset that nobody s correct expect you then whatever you perceive you feel wrong only..

And when you don’t respect the differences you will never stick a long journey in life..

Do not find the common things in others, try to respect the differences and tell me for sure..

Here i end up with this to know how different you feel from me..



Dolly said...

differences are and will be there between people...and yes its those differences that keep the relation going ..and... to keep the relation need to respect the differences...there will be nothing left in a relation when you know the other person is different from you...and you try to rub your very own likes dislikes on the other...thats where you are straining your relation...i agree with you...respect the differences...but the unanswered much is one willing to respect the differences????

Sophia F said...

Impressive blog!!

Differences should be respected.................hmmm right but then when the word "EGO" crops in everything else goes for a toss!!!

Nowadays people find it difficult to respect individuals other than themselves, I wonder how much they'll repect differences between people!!

Nevertheless Sirji tum likhte raho....hum tumhare saath hai :):)
Is desh ko tumhare jaise logon ki zaroorat hai...................Rock on !!!!