Friday, August 1, 2008


Hey Guys,
Here I m back with something interests me the topic s “
We can see in two different parameters
1. Win on over somebody and close the ways for him/her and
2. It is positive to want to go first, provided the intention is to cover the way for others,
make their path more easy, help them, or show the way.
First thing I appreciate, the participating in each and every possible competition, irrespective whether you win it or lose..
I can assure you there will be some kind of learning without your knowledge like….
You may realize how could you do better…
Increases your confidence level, it completely destroys your fear of competitions..
You will come to know what s your strengths & weakness…
Trust me Competition is negative when we wish to defeat others, to bring them down in order to lift ourselves up.

And Other side of the coin we always think of winning whenever participate..
That s called the Winning Attitude..
You will surely win when you don’t underestimate your competitor..
Confidence always wins on Overconfidence….

So GUYS win for yourself to upgrade your own benchmarks..
it does win in your competition as well as HEARTS too..

Do you really agree with me??? Need feedback not only compliments..



Aditya said...

Well...KK...I truely agree with you brother. This world would become much nicer a place to live if we guys live for our well being without pulling other people down.

You grow...and if not help others least don't create hurdles for them.

TOTALLY AGREE...n very well done..!



AKR said...

yeah this is wonderful absolutely, competition should be there in all the matters otherwise there is no growth, we have to make ourselves strengthy then only we can improve our confidence levels...anyways fully agree with ur words....go ahead....di

Esh said...

Yeap....The biggest achievement in any Race is learning and winning hearts of your counterparts & competitors.

Keep Cruising KK.....

kajol said...

competition ...i belive in kpping competition wid ourself...wrk on our weak pts ....annewayz atleast i can nt compete wid u d way u play around wid words...atleast i can nt, bt ur words says a lot mkes ur frndz learn thtz d reason i say my real guru s u...& alos like 2 wish u on tht day tht s gru poornima

annewayz hope u had luvly day ...& might hve received lots of gifts & flowers..