Saturday, August 23, 2008

Black,White and Grey

First thing what i did is
Changed the color of my blog before writing this post in to BLACK & WHITE..
Few days back I had a chat with One of my very good friend.. and it was a debate in fact though
I've analyzed, where it was a debate but a lot of leanings for me, which i fairly admit....

The learning's were like,
1. Everybody sticks to what they believe in life..
2. Black n White thinking..
3. And this belief will take you to extremes..

Whatever we think and believe s always good and i said in first post of this blog also i said Go for What you feel s RIGHT..
as every person has to learn I've few learning's where Between Black n White, you've Grey.. which can bring balance in our lives...

Black n white thinking s when you believe in something whether it s good or bad, true or false , or One or another.. you should always be open for new ideas and accept the facts and figures in life which s playing your cards in Grey area... this way of perception s it will bring out the balance between two extremes...

I could be wrong but my learning`s in idea of thinking is..

1. Believe in what you think s right..
2. Keep space for IDEAS...
3. Always brush n up your thoughts with others on debates and learn
4. Put your views in the opposite persons language it will be easy for them to understand..
5. Do not be COMPLICATED... and Do not stubborn.

Guys.. Everyday s lesson for me.. Do share if you ve something share with me..
Trust me.. If i m good you can be better than Me....



Sophia F said...

Sirji, oye yeh kya kiya aapne,inspiration from Michael Jackson is it?? :):):):)

I agree with your blog 75% and I understand where you're coming from....perhaps I'd agree completely as far as the learnings are concerned.

Though I know there are grey areas but I personally believe that more successful people are those who take a decision of either black or white, say yes or no and not the ones who say I don't know, here I'm talking about the grey areas.

Or should I say grey areas would be more on a compromising front.

I'd only end by saying "Suno sabki karo apne man ki ".

Sophia F said...

And I forgot to mention, that the choice of yes or no, in this case black or white also depends on an individual's favourite colour :):)

I know by now you must have fallen off your chair having a hearty laugh.................have fun.....cheers!!!

kajol said...

ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh man gr8t said made nw speechless... 'll rite abt it later

nw really u made me rite sumthink abt u found a frnd

who's gt an eagle's eye
a frnd
who has an attitude to forgive & forget..
a frnd
who also apprecitate his failure
d way he does apprecitate his success
thtz mkes u the successful peson...
gr8t 2 knw ..hve a frnd like 2...
if u apart nt ur loss bt v all...
annewayz nw g2g
wish u mny mny happy returns of the day ...may u gt everythink wat u wish... all ur wishes comes ture...gr8t going

kajol said...

hey may b i wn't b able 2 rite d way u do bt if can do rite sumthink on understnding & compromise ....

kajol said...

hey 4 gt 2 say ...luvly pic's ..

looking v smart..nice cut...

happy b'day again bye 4 nw tc