Saturday, August 23, 2008

Black,White and Grey

First thing what i did is
Changed the color of my blog before writing this post in to BLACK & WHITE..
Few days back I had a chat with One of my very good friend.. and it was a debate in fact though
I've analyzed, where it was a debate but a lot of leanings for me, which i fairly admit....

The learning's were like,
1. Everybody sticks to what they believe in life..
2. Black n White thinking..
3. And this belief will take you to extremes..

Whatever we think and believe s always good and i said in first post of this blog also i said Go for What you feel s RIGHT..
as every person has to learn I've few learning's where Between Black n White, you've Grey.. which can bring balance in our lives...

Black n white thinking s when you believe in something whether it s good or bad, true or false , or One or another.. you should always be open for new ideas and accept the facts and figures in life which s playing your cards in Grey area... this way of perception s it will bring out the balance between two extremes...

I could be wrong but my learning`s in idea of thinking is..

1. Believe in what you think s right..
2. Keep space for IDEAS...
3. Always brush n up your thoughts with others on debates and learn
4. Put your views in the opposite persons language it will be easy for them to understand..
5. Do not be COMPLICATED... and Do not stubborn.

Guys.. Everyday s lesson for me.. Do share if you ve something share with me..
Trust me.. If i m good you can be better than Me....


Sunday, August 10, 2008


Self love s the first and last LOVE,
There s nothing called
Whatever happens in this life, Life has to move...
Yes, but Some came and few went it s only brings sorrows and happiness,
But nothing s permanent as such.... , ask yourself what made your life stuck???

Especially in relationships today s psychology s troubling with
INSECURITY... It s nothing but only stubbornness...
They don't understand or never try to understand the importance of life, if they know also they don't agree with the facts and figures...

Whoever believes in "Set your LOVE free" pls take my suggestion,
Never do that.. If you love somebody give maximum time to them,
Be with them, you never know they can need you anytime...

Out of the sight s out of the mind.. so stop being insecure...Be in touch .. now we have many ways to u all know..

and getting gel with somebody is a part, but to retaining the relationship happens only when you respect the differences in the other person, NOT JUST FINDING THE SIMILARITIES & ZODIAC SIGNS...:-)

If somebody has to go, they ll go, and anybody has to come and be with you, they ll come, it s only faith & trust which keeps on & on,
the boy flies from your hands never knows whether you ll catch him or not.. But the trust keeps his smile on his cheeks..

My advice s Be yourself, Do not hop on to hold but yes give yourself unconditionally..
trust me.. you will have everything if not, you will loose them also who has kept by GOD in your life...
and again.. Somebody s LOSS s Somebody s GAIN... and Miltha hai tho chappad paad ke..

Be happy, live in the moment.. Enjoy... Nothing can put you down on this earth..
Show problems how big problem you are...
in one word Be like ME.. ( it s only a positivity & confidence)



Sunday, August 3, 2008

Expectations, Relationships & Hopes..

I Hope this topic s never ending and very different all together to compare with any other topic in this blog...
Cause i believe and follow every relationships stands with some or other expectations.. and hopes too.. this s what made me survive in MUMBAI till date..

I hope none of you ll disagree what i wanted to say.. Here the first time i got little senty when i m putting few words about my learning's from few relationships...

You don't get tears on unknowns funeral,.. It s only when you have relationship with them..
Expectations starts from a mother a child only.. A mother gives birth to a child, that child gives an opportunity to that mother to feel great by loving him, and the mother does the same thing by loving and caring that child.. till that time everything s cool,
and problem arises with expectations..
Take any example of a romantic relationship breaking off..
simply you expect and keep on hopes and when things don`t turn up in your way, all the good time takes back seated...
What s the way out??
there s only one way to the keep things cool and retain relations.. Keep your expectations very clear with whomever you are dealing,
See yourselves the relationships appears to be so beautiful and long lasting..

and My personnel advice s ..

Do not ever expect from your own people.. it will only hurt...
They are delicate So.. Handle Gently...
Care for them as much as you can...
Love them as you never loved anybody...
Give maximum time where it s not possible..
Be patient, especially when you get angry,

Give nice,huge and a tight hug it s quite casual to show your love at any point of time..


Friday, August 1, 2008


Hey Guys,
Here I m back with something interests me the topic s “
We can see in two different parameters
1. Win on over somebody and close the ways for him/her and
2. It is positive to want to go first, provided the intention is to cover the way for others,
make their path more easy, help them, or show the way.
First thing I appreciate, the participating in each and every possible competition, irrespective whether you win it or lose..
I can assure you there will be some kind of learning without your knowledge like….
You may realize how could you do better…
Increases your confidence level, it completely destroys your fear of competitions..
You will come to know what s your strengths & weakness…
Trust me Competition is negative when we wish to defeat others, to bring them down in order to lift ourselves up.

And Other side of the coin we always think of winning whenever participate..
That s called the Winning Attitude..
You will surely win when you don’t underestimate your competitor..
Confidence always wins on Overconfidence….

So GUYS win for yourself to upgrade your own benchmarks..
it does win in your competition as well as HEARTS too..

Do you really agree with me??? Need feedback not only compliments..