Monday, July 7, 2008

Self respect s Self Care!!!

Self-respect cannot be hunted.
It cannot be purchased.
It is never for sale.
It cannot be fabricated out of public relations.
Where the hell you are searching for it...
It comes to us when we are alone,
In quiet moments,
In quiet places, When i m with myself,
and then we suddenly realize that...
Once, may be we did something knowing the good, we have done it;
knowing the beautiful, we have served it;
Knowing the faith we have it,
knowing the truth, we have spoken it.

Trust me.. I've learn from somebody don't expect anything from people
whether it s bad or good,
Give your good to people... you ll always find peace in life...
trust people blindly... they can only fail to prove you right but you ll always be
with high regards...

Here s the self respect I see, do you see what i see??


Saturday, July 5, 2008

empathetic Or sympathetic

Everybody prefers to be different and unique from all…
To get recognized, rewarded and awarded…

What a successful person must have done in his/her life??
Take any known example and test…

They must’ve done something or other unique in their lives though they are through
in life..

What s the secret behind staying unique and different ????
I absolutely agree but being different and unique is also not that easy…
For all that we need to find the difference between empathetic and sympathetic..

Until then people treat you that you are WORTH for the CROWN OF RESPECT and see you like ideal…
Please my request do not mix and match the meaning of empathetic and sympathetic…

It s easy to give free advice and spoon of care s like sympathy,

Think by being sympathetic you would never ever understand the opposite people s concern or pain though you would never be on the platform of other side of the coin..

But When you actually think like being in the other person s shoe and showing the feel of what she/he s feeling at that point of time and give them the way
how to tackle the problem as in your experience does make lot of difference,

People actually admire for your concern, care and does start respecting you...
And TRUST ME, it s not that easy to think being in others shoe…
You need practice and Preach before Speech… Which I just STARTED!!!…