Saturday, June 21, 2008


Life Seems to be full of confusions with

  • What I need in my Life?
  • Is this right for me?
  • Am I doing right?
  • May be God kept something better than this for me?
  • and @ the End I m not sure....

Whatever must have happened in life it s should be a mix of Good & Bad, it can’t be only Good or Only Bad..
Yes there s always a lessons from some point of time.. But that only Should make you cautious and attentive..
It does not mean you should not go and try it again..

Do not be with preset mind that things will go wrong and leave it before a try...
You Don’t decide yourself whether it s wrong or right..
Think always with a positivity that, things will happen for all the GOOD.
Make yourself sure & Believe in yourself that you can make it..
For sure believe in god for sure at last he s the almighty..
Lastly and the least If you truly want to do in life you need to start work on it with a belief that i m going for it..

When a there s a mountain Between your destination think Once Whether the target which s other side of the mountain s worth or not in your life, if it s WORTH, then start climbing it, if you cant climb, start crawl on it, still you cant
sit and start digging...

If you are confused your Brand s refused..
Don’t confuse yourself , know Yourself and Just Give yourself...



Heena said...

""Know Urself""... hmm. ekDum sahi likha hai... really inspiring and it tells me give second thought to my own thinking... [:)]

Dolly said...

i have been an ardent fan of yours since the day we met...oh dear now i am all falling for this...whatever written truly and well written...loved every word of it dear...good going...really thinking about my own thinking...:)

indira said...

yeah well written brother....nothing more to say...keep rocking....bless u always...

Indira Rachakonda said...

Oh dolly dear now u fell with his words i thought longback...di

kajol said...

hmmm "know urself" v gud topic
bt do ppl really knw thmselves...wonder i read sum where wld like 2 share here
1) ppl knw certain things tht thy knw all dis
(it may b knowledge,feeling..anythink)
2)thy even knw tht thy dn't knw certain things
3)but,thy even r nt aware of or dn't even knw tht thy dn't knw certain things...
buddy 1ce thy reach d 3 stge(level) thy knw nt only thmselves bt, also others v well
confused???, dn't b buddy in shrt
"A person who knwS himself knws others"
& ya
"Knwing others s intelligence; knwing urself s true wisdom Mastering others s strength mastering urself s true power"
So just discover d only jrney s d jrney within..
its luvly 2 read ur blog's "topic"

Nazrul said...

We wonder, "Who Am I?" and ponder what life is about. We search everywhere for answers, but the answer lies within.

For greater life satisfaction, identify your unique strengths and talents and strive to utilize them each day.

We all claim to know many things. We analyze our friends, our colleagues and other people. We try to find out how others act and behave. We act like a know all about others. How about ourselves? Do we know ourselves?

My friend you have answered all the un-answerd questions, this can tone all ur buddies future including me. Good thought and great going...all the best.