Sunday, June 22, 2008

WINNING should be a HABIT not an ACHIEVEMENT !!!


And how it comes to YOU???

First think how it matters for you if you lose it,
Then what if you win?

For everything you do you need to be on for it 24 hours, whatever you do your mind should alarm you with what you want in it… Nothing should distract you from your targets,
Yes only the key point s to win how different you are with others..
When you make difference with all you will without human intervention lead the show…
Do not underestimate anybody and again success does not embrace one person…
For Every moment of success!!!
There s immense happiness at your winning or success which everybody can smell,
And what about another side of the mind s what NEXT???

Because SUCCESS gives a raised area, where the NEXT begins with….

Try not being CONTENT with your success,
Don’t hesitate to take risk,
Do not forget your last runner ups; they are your first competitors!
Forget today s success today itself, and start to prepare for the next battle.
These all the fear of tomorrow s success cause it does make you be the WINNER for all times,

At the end make success as your habit not an achievement,



Saturday, June 21, 2008


Life Seems to be full of confusions with

  • What I need in my Life?
  • Is this right for me?
  • Am I doing right?
  • May be God kept something better than this for me?
  • and @ the End I m not sure....

Whatever must have happened in life it s should be a mix of Good & Bad, it can’t be only Good or Only Bad..
Yes there s always a lessons from some point of time.. But that only Should make you cautious and attentive..
It does not mean you should not go and try it again..

Do not be with preset mind that things will go wrong and leave it before a try...
You Don’t decide yourself whether it s wrong or right..
Think always with a positivity that, things will happen for all the GOOD.
Make yourself sure & Believe in yourself that you can make it..
For sure believe in god for sure at last he s the almighty..
Lastly and the least If you truly want to do in life you need to start work on it with a belief that i m going for it..

When a there s a mountain Between your destination think Once Whether the target which s other side of the mountain s worth or not in your life, if it s WORTH, then start climbing it, if you cant climb, start crawl on it, still you cant
sit and start digging...

If you are confused your Brand s refused..
Don’t confuse yourself , know Yourself and Just Give yourself...


Friday, June 20, 2008

Go for what you feel & Listen to your HEART

If, when we look in to your own heart you find there s nothing wrong in it,
What s there to worry about., what s there to fear about???

There s nothing called wrong in anything on this earth When you feel if it s right.. and no examples required for this..

Trust Me Keep your hand on your heart and Say How many people feels that they are wrong on their own thinking..
It s Just Simple.. Feel All the right in life and Go for it What you feel for... ;)
I followed few things in my life till date... like

1) Always have full fledged life. Calender Will not wait for you for a moment also..
2) Dont repent on anything Which will only put you down and low..
3) Say Sorry When you are Wrong.. But If you are right Dont Forgive..
4) Do something different though people should follow you.. But not chipkus..
& 5) Lastly Have your own style and image Wherever you are.. Whether people say it s your Ego or Attitude.. Who cares...

Above few things brought both side of the coin in my life.. But Yes..
What retained with me s Better than what i lost.. So again No repenting..
"Do What you feel s right"..
Any questions Pls Mail me..