Saturday, November 22, 2008


We hope & want something and happens landing up with something else..
I may say each of our individuals had to go through this in our lives, and be happy about it..
Sometimes if you think about all those you will have smirk back on your cheeks thinking of.. those were the days..

Otherwise “One person can make difference in my life” could not have arrived..
“Love”- if someone can define me in one line instead of giving me nice rosy lecture on it, I will be thankful to him..
I can say Love is “MEMORY” it may sound something weird but yes…
You will in love with those who had great time even though in your presence you do the same..

Correct me if I m wrong.. in case you are with your Love still you want those golden moments back in your life.. that’s MEMORY which we all love..

Who got their LOVE, they are the luckiest people on the earth, cause they tried their love and got it.,
Who fail to get those can be good philosophers, cause they tried it and failed..
And who does not want to get loved by somebody.. ??? I don’t think so …

What does it mean???? It may not be looking but yes trying for sure.. that’s the reason we all impress each other..
Take anything what you see, its trying to impresses you to pull and get trial..

Try, try, try, but never CRY..



Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The Aim behind writing this blog s not myself....
Somebody asked me to start.. So I started.. Thanks to you.... for All the support and giving me a Weapon to put most of my unmatched ideas and outlook on this blog as an initiative without disturbing any others feelings directly or indirectly..

The most difficult Part is the Other person to think alike or to get likeminded people..

What do you think??
ith these types of different ideology how you can put your things rightly??
and how can be effects and defects??

For everything we think we stop then and there itself..
but have we ever tried to put our own things or attempt without thinking
IFs & BUTs...

If you think you are right, It may be for sure for others it s wrong, it does not mean you are WRONG, but once you proved right, every NO will take back seated, and

When you attempt to do what's right against all odds, even if you don't at first succeed, there's dignity and even majesty in such Setbacks.

Just think What if our freedom fighters thought of their own lives in comfort levels,

Think We never had Netaji, Bhagatsinghs in our history,

and lastly think of technology, where we are..

I only See one thing if and only I create a SETBACK, this will remain an example for everybody

whether you succeed or not, but I ll have the pleasure of mind,

that I was not shut with my ideas....

For Everything the Universal truth s Possible, Only when you Attempt..

AGAIN.. If you differ with me .. Welcome..



Friday, October 10, 2008

Men & Women

Here 5 "C" Mantras, I would like to share my Understanding about Men & Women

1) Clever :-The most important thing in Life s Marriage.. and to take decision to get married s the most difficult part, cause you got to live your life with her/him.. I rate Women are far better than men in this.. Cause You see a lot of smart men with dumb wives, but a very less smart females with dumb husbands..

2) Change:- Change we Need in life. But entire world changed, but the difference of rights between Women & men s still there.. A man takes the lead out here at time to bring any changes... cause A woman changes the world but She ll never be able to change a Man, and She does change for a Man too..

Commitment:-Relationship runs on faith & commitments.. I see no reason to rate women high in commitments.. Cause two reasons.. as per my experience woman lives with commitments.. and male s political animal.....

4) Care :- A Child to become a granny ''care'' s in women s blood, She cares in many roles in all relationships, that s why may be anybody get hurts or in any need, we shout Mom not Dad..and a Woman can t hate anybody to the extent she returns her Diamonds back to him....
I see it s One sided for Women...

5) Capabilities:- As in this case when i say there s a woman behind every successful Man, and also woman s doing all what a man can do, though a man has to teach that woman.. So better teach them...

Last but not the least...God made his beautiful creation Woman...but only after creating His marvelous creation...MAN!!!



Thursday, September 25, 2008

Secret of SUCCESS

I bet on it..
I believe in it..
and I mean it..,

If i m the best,Why i m not successful??
Where i m the not recognized and awarded???
and Where do i exist??

It s all luck you say to being success all the times or my efforts..
My knowledge or my skills..... using it in a right way??
and am i with right attitude being the best candidate in the race
still SUCCESS being with the same distance which puts us always down
and loose the interest part..
you no need to have sleepless nights and thinking on the same ... What to do and what not???
if you think more you will confuse more..
and when you are confused.. yes as i said earlier your brand s refused..

One Mantra for All the SUCCESS which i have smelled and performed in my life s
CONSISTENCY whatever you Say Until than this you may be achieve many things
but success in what you want will be a want or a desire.
I, Myself personnelly believe in Every dream s thought Which you want to achieve..
then dare to dream and achieve it..

Ask yourself if you are a doctor and when your parents want you to be a doctor...
think their dreams have come true.
ask yourself if any of your own dream have come true and how you feel for it..
and then think...

What have actually helped in turn that dream in to reality..
it s loads of efforts.. with Hell lot of CONSISTENCY...

many of us we plan so many and we start working on it.. but we give up..
there we fail.. but think when you feel like giving up.. Hold for a moment and start from there..
Trust me.. You will have it..

See those things which you can t achieve...
But When you have the will and work on with right attitude and CONSISTENCY

then you can say... Nothing s IMPOSSIBLE..

Whether it s your dream or AIM...


Saturday, September 6, 2008


First thing i want to Say one thing..
"One time it s better you not knowing something is comfortable than knowing it"..
Where you are happy with something, and your curiosity towards knowing which can spoil everything and at the end it can be End of everything..

Trust s the basic thing which takes all us for a better and long term proverb of our lives..
I m not responsible for any other what he/she s reacting... and Each person made of different blood,flesh,soul and mind.. So how can you think the other can think alike..
So better the way to the better Ignore..
Ignorance can work in two ways..

1. You are not getting in fight and arguing in prove yourself as right..
2. Not insulting the other person but YES,
dissenting for sure..

What all i say s
You don't need to get anyone else to agree with your truth. You just need to live it, there are again three types of people..

1. Who can understand
2. Who never stands..
3. Who knows everything but they've their mindset, though they never try to understand..

So Whenever you find the third category kind of ... Better you Ignore ... My Idea for Save energy..

A lot to do.. and a long way to GO,
There s no right time to do Wrong things..
Better Ignore What i mean.. You will have multiple time to add some good things in Life..

Do Good, If not .. Dont do BAD at least..

If this does not work.. i suggest pls ignore..


Monday, September 1, 2008


We all see, hear & feel these DIFFERENCES on daily basis.. and Chill it s MUMBAI… who has time.. to think about it..

Same here.. With myself too.. Where I Today I was jotting down a few points in my blog book, I asked myself is it my perception or is it my or own experience..

Is it I m writing or trying to teaching.. (WOW) it s difference.. So commonly there are two things came in to my mind

which go on this entire universe s

1. It s everything how you perceive it and the


cause it s easy to say the other person s wrong but you ve no right to say that,

Nobody s perfect, neither a “Saint”.

Take our own family.. treatment between a Girl & Boy…, When we go to schools caste differences,,

Jobs you ve differences in reservations.. Everywhere Big, small, Black, whites, rich, poor..

I fail to understand why there are so many ……..

But the very important topic s here I m talking s on our daily routine.. take a family.. friends.. or it may be your love..

Every person made of different blood, flesh, soul and mind.. So differences are natural..

And whenever this gap in thought process with our own people we like to explain them and still it does not work, we always try to force on them

But have we never realize there were a kind of differences which are creating some kind of gaps when we force and rub our own things for own satisfaction

Of I m the One who s RIGHT… but you may be wrong..

It s all carries to an end of losing our own image trust me.. I ve seen people losing respect within the hardcore relations..

That s the most pathetic situation which anybody can expect.. What I can feel s if I m right I always say like a well-wisher..

There people who feels you are right they ll come to you for views and they respect you..

When you've with a pre mindset that nobody s correct expect you then whatever you perceive you feel wrong only..

And when you don’t respect the differences you will never stick a long journey in life..

Do not find the common things in others, try to respect the differences and tell me for sure..

Here i end up with this to know how different you feel from me..